Gestione sicura delle strutture con tablet Android industriale

Da: Winmate Inc.

Gestione sicura delle strutture con tablet Android industriale
Gestione sicura delle strutture con tablet Android industriale

Data inizio:  5 maggio 2022 10.50

The new S101M9 series industrial Android tablet is robust with an easy-to-carry design, a comfortable touchscreen, and enough power to operate your general office and industry-specific programs efficiently. On a single device, conduct safety inspections, update checklists, take photos, and transmit digital reports, eliminating additional paperwork, allowing service experts to provide real-time guidance and help to less experienced team members.
Winmate S101M9 series industrial Android tablet comes with two variants, S101M9 and S101M9L for different resolution. Both offer:
User-friendly design
The S101M9 Android tablet series has been created for convenience. Its slim and light chassis, which comes with optional shoulder and hand straps, makes it easy to carry, and its new and brighter 10.1 inch touchscreen with exclusive optical bonding technology makes it easy to see and use in sunlight and rain. The warm swappable battery is also available, improving considerable performance over prior generations.
Work-friendly accessories
The Winmate S101M9 series rugged tablets come with various custom accessories, including a desk dock, hand strap, vehicle dock, and capacitive stylus, all specially designed and manufactured by Winmate to provide ease and comfort of data entry without sacrificing ruggedness or mobility. Legacy interface compatibility is also available for those who require it, allowing you to get the hardware improvements you want without losing anything.

Winmate Industrial
Android Tablet S101M9
  • 10.1” 1920 x 1200 TFT LCD Display
  • Bright screen with anti-glare treatment for sunlight readability
  • Android™ 11.0
  • 8.0 MP front camera and 13.0 MP rear camera (with LED auxiliary light, autofocus)
  • Optional integrated 1D/2D Barcode Reader
  • Optional integrated NFC Module

Winmate Industrial
Android Tablet S101M9L
  • 10.1” 1280 x 800 TFT LCD display
  • 8.0 MP front camera and 13.0 MP rear camera (with LED auxiliary light, autofocus)
  • Optical bonding for clear viewability
  • Android™ 11.0
  • Optional integrated 1D/2D barcode reader
  • Optional integrated NFC module


Ruggedness that saves you money
Winmate rugged Android solutions are built to last, with MIL-STD 810H and IP65 certifications from international third parties compliance test centers. They can survive collisions, vibrations, high temperatures, humidity, dust, and drops. With low average failure rates and an industry-leading standard guarantee to ensure outstanding quality and performance, the Winmate industrial Android tablet offers exceptional total cost of ownership, TCO, and return on investment, ROI.
Readable safety checklists
Professionals are frequently required to go through safety checklists and check manuals to comply with regulatory standards and maintain excellent occupational safety. Our optical bonding display technology improves touch control while also providing a highly readable display in various lighting environments.
Connectivity for quick response
Any effective workforce management solution needs constant connectivity. Professionals must always be locatable to be immediately allocated and respond to emergencies like a power outage. Our systems use 4G LTE and WLAN to enable workers to communicate in real-time with their managers.

The S101M9 and S101M9L industrial Android tablets are now available for order.
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