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Ningbo Jinghong Magnets Co., Ltd.

No. 535, Qingshuiqiao Rd, High-tech Zone
Ningbo City, Zhejiang 315048

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Ningbo Jinhong Magnets Mfg Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of permanent magnet material and magnetic assemblies in Ningbo, China. With almost 15 years experiences in research, development and production of magnetic products, we supply in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and grades, more than 1000 standard specifications now.
We can provide various magnetic materials to our customers, NdFeB, Alnico, SmCo, Ferrite and assemblies etc. From prototype to quantity production, help customers achieve the most effective use of magnetic materials. Surface treatment for NdFeB could be Zn, Ni, Au, Epoxy, Cr etc. Which are fully meet MMPA standard and IEC standard.
Jinhong's products are widely applied in MRI, automotive, Motor, computer peripherals, cellular phone, VCM, loudspeakers, medical apparatus, instruments, Sensor, meters etc.
We are committed to provide quick delivery and better Service whether your requirements are for large quantities or test samples. And we never stop improving our technology by working closely with our customers. Welcome to contact Jinhong Magnets.
Our products including:
Permanent magnets
Sintered NdFeB
Bonded NdFeB
Micro Magnets
pot magnets
base magnets
permanent magnetic filter
permanent magnetic lifter

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Anno di fondazione 2011
Co.Registration No 913302125805169774
Capitale sociale 1.000.000 RMB
Tipo di azienda Sede Centrale
Partita IVA 913302125805169774
Fax +86 574 86114115
Sito http://www.mfg-magnets.com


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Mr. Ian Dong


Mr. Tim Dong

Responsabile di Produzione (Production Director/Manager)

May Wang

Responsabile Qualità (Quality Control Director/Manager)

Tracy Li

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Jill Cai

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Sophia Tong

Direttore Vendite (Sales Director/Manager)